Thursday, January 8, 2009

When your not happy with a product...

When you are not happy with a product you bought, you should DEFINATELY call the company!

Recently I got a can of soup that the chicken was super fatty, I called Progresso and they sent me coupons to replace my product and some discount coupons.

A few weeks ago I called Ziploc because my vacuum bags lost their suction while in the freezer. I was given tips on how to avoid that, and they sent me coupons! I was afraid I would only get vacuum sealer coupons, I recently was given a foodsaver, so that would not have been cool. BUT...the coupons are also good for the zip and steam or produce bags!!! I was sent 3 of them to replace the products I had purchased (for dirt cheap with coupons!)

So if you are not happy, you probably got a fluke, and the company will generally try to make it better!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Albertsons...oh my!

So Albies is super crazy this week! I can't even begin to do any matchups. They have great catelina deals going on though, spend $30 of participating and get $15 OYNO...there is also new years resolution deals, diaper deals and meat deals. Here are the main ones I took advantage of:

Spend $30 get $15 (there are lots of items available)
Use coupons and your doublers THERE IS A LIMIT OF 2 DOUBLERS PER TRANSACTION!!!
(this was not written anywhere, but the system wont let them do more than 2...maybe next time it will be worded differently)

I also did a 2nd transaction of 2 pullups and 1 pampers for a total of $32, but got back the $15 and a $5 for baby OYNO coupons!

So I ended up spending $71.xx, but I got $38 OYNO coupons!!!

I ended up with:
2 Yoplus'
2 Go-gurts
1 yogurt drink
3 boxes organic cereal
2 Fruit Rollups
2 Lysol wipes
Package of pork chops (buy 8 rice a roni and get $5 off meat)-FREE
8 things of rice a roni
6 red grapefruits
2 packages ludens cough drops
2 pullups
1 pampers
2 minute rices
4 babyfood jars
1 thing of marshamellows
10 Adkins bars

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Albertson's Cat. deals

So I went to Albies tonight to see what all the fuss was about. I did 2 transactions of baby items. One went through great! The second, not so much...but it was for stuff I needed, so oh wells

#1~ 2 packages of diapers (used for going out) ~$10 each
1 package of pull-ups (DD1 is PLing!)~$10
= $32.64 after tax
But...I got $15 cat's for spending $30 of approved products and another $5 towards my next baby item purchase.

#2~ Similac formual $21.49-$1Q-$5 check
4 Beech nut toddler meals $1.39-$1Q
-$5/$25 Q from Rite Aid (Albies takes comp. Q's)
Total was $12.05

Because my total wasnt $25 AFTER coupons I didnt get the $5 baby cat?!?! I always thought it was before Q's!

So anyways I spent $44.69, but got $20 cat Q's back, so not too bad

Then I went to Fred Meyer and picked up 6 of the $1 complete salad bags!!! Now that made me happy :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rite Aid, Walmart and Wags today!

7 Christmas pencils (filler @ 75% off)- .84
8 Candy Cane pens (filler @ 75% off)- .64
Slimquick shots $4- $4RR= FREE
2 Cat ornaments (75% off)- 1.24 for both
19 Garnier Fructis Items- FREE (actually + .19) -19 $1 manu + $2 IVC (no problems with it...all $38 came right off)
= 12.45 OOP - $4 RR= 8.45 TOTAL

Slimquick shots $4- $4RR= FREE
Electrosol tabs- 3.49-$2.50 Q- 1.50 MIR= +.51
2 Lacross tweezers- BOGO @ 2.59- (2) $1 Q=2/$.59
=$6.47- $4 RR =$2.47 TOTAL OOP

RITE AID #1~ (shopping for my mom)
Garnier Fructis~$3.00- $1 manu= $2.00 - $2 MIR= FREE
10 Soyjoy bars = 10/$5 - $3/10 Q= $2 - $5/10 MIR = +$3
=Total 4.26 - $5 MIR - $1 MIR= $1.74 profit (OOP was taken off gift card)

4 Cottonelle 4pks- $2 each= $8
(MAD ABOUT THIS TRANS...they wouldnt take a manu with their q, but we needed TP)
10 Soyjoy bars = 10/$5 - $3/10 Q= $2 - $5/10 MIR = +$3
Garnier Fructis~$3.00- $1 manu= $2.00 - $2 MIR= FREE
=$13.14 -$5 MIR - $1 MIR= $7.14 (put on gift card)

4 Electrosol tabs (with 25% more free!)= $3.25 (pm with Target ad)- $2.50 Q= .75 each= $3
4 Buddy Bars= .97-$1 Q= .03 profit each= .12 profit
6 Goodlife cat food= $4- $3 Q= $1 each= $6
=12.48 total OOP

GRAND TOTAL FOR TODAY= $28.80 ($11.83 of this was tax!)
= 87% SAVINGS (and I dont have to buy shampoo for a year)