Saturday, January 3, 2009

Geezeo financial Software

***I personally will not be using this software as I do not want to share my bank information, therefore I am unable to fully discuss it, but please feel free to look around and make your own decision about it.

I just found this through Bzzagent. I am thinking about trying it out. Best of all, it claims to be totally free! I will post more once I have used it for a bit. I dont know what information is asked for, but I will let you know more later...

Go to Geezeo

Friday, January 2, 2009

Free Southern Living Cookbook

***These ones are full***Free for the first 10 Bloggers...go HERE
BUT~ Make sure to go and see how else you can win!

You can also be entered to win even if you dont blog, so go take a look. And while your there take a look around, and remember to keep an eye out for more giveaways!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Completely, totally free photobook

Go to The Thrifty Mama who is showing how to get this deal!

I tried it and it works!!! Great way to get all those Christmas time pictures printed out for free!

Albies deals 12/31

So the other day at Albertsons I found TONS of cheap chicken! The Tyson grilled strips were onsale with a $2 coupon on each, making them $0.99. Also the split breasts, thighs and legs were on an unadvertised $0.59/lb! I got a rotissery for Christmas, so needless to say my freezer has tons of chicken now :)

So here are the best deals that I will be taking advantage of this week at Albies:
1st transaction:
(4) coffee mate creamers~ 2/$5 (if you buy $10 worth you get $3 off) buy 4 and the total is $10, then use a printable $1 each (off of which brings the total to $3 for 4 creamers!

2nd transaction:
(3)Juicy Juice's~ 2/$4
(3)Nestle Cookie Dough~ 2/$4
(these are running the same deal of buy $10 get $3 off)
So that brings it to $12...-$3=$9...then use a $1 printable from for each, and there were $1 refridgerated cookie dough awhile back. So that brings the total to $3 for 3 bottles of Juicy Juice and 3 things of cookie dough!

Other great deals that I will be doing:
*Buy 2 fresh express salad blends and get 2lbs of banans free! (at the rate my dd goes through bananas this is a good one)
Salads~ 2/$5 -.55/1 coupons from awhile back (sorry, dont remember where)
=$3.90 for 2 bags of salad and 2lbs of bananas

*Whole chickens onsale for $0.88/lb
*Milk onsale for 2/$4
*Cuties mandarins are BOGO...and I used all my Q's
*Albies canned veggies are $0.59 each (not the greatest, but we need greenbeans)