Saturday, November 15, 2008

Goodie Ouchless

This coupon makes it an ouchless expirence for your wallet. Print as many as you want...At walmart these products start at 2.12, which makes it .12!

Arts Cow Calendars

Go Here to purchase Calendars for $6.99 with FREE shippping. Use code CRSD699
**I just recieved my ornaments and photo cards from them and was VERY happy with the quality of their products. I was a little worried at first because these were FREE items, but they were great. So it turns out you can get FREE, Cheap and good quality!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Walmart shopping 11/13

(1)Kashi Cookie~$2.50 -$2(Here)=$0.50
(4)Chex cereal~$1.66- $1/2 (SS 10/26/08) $1.16 each=$4.64
(4)Ronzoni pasta~$1.50 each- $1 (SS 10/5/08) $0.50 each=$2.00
(2) Progresso Soups~$1.50 each- 1 FREE and $1 off (sent from man.) $0.25 each=$0.50
(2)Glade aerosol~$0.86 each - $1/2 (SS 11/2/08) $0.36 each=$0.72
(3)Glade oil candle refill~$2 each - B2G1(SS 11/2/08) $1.33 each=$4.00
(1)Glade gel warmer~$1.62 - FREE( sent from manu)=FREE
(5)Goodie ouchless products~$2.23 each(average)-$2 each(Here) $.23 each= $1.15
(5)Starkist tuna creations~$1.74 - $1 each and BOGO (coupon train) $0.59 each=$2.96
(1)Cat chow 3.5 lb~$4.18- $4 (HERE)= $0.18
(1)Meow mix cat treat~$0.97 -$1 (RP 11/16/08)...came in mail=FREE w/ $.03 overage
(2)Hershey Special dark bars~$1.25 each - BOGO (unknown) $0.62 each=$1.25
Total Spent:$23.29
Total Saved:$37.25 (this doesnt include savings from sale prices)

Rite Aid shopping 11/13

(4)Fudge cubes (SPLURGE)~.44/each=$1.76
(2)Celestial seasonings tea~.99- .55(SS 11/9/08)=$.88
(1)Crest prohealth~$2.69- $2.69 for rebate=FREE
(2)Airwick aeresol~1.29- BOGO(SS 10/26/08)= $1.29
Total Spent:$7.08 (-2.69)=$4.39
Total Saved:$5.08

Walgreens shopping 11/13

(5) Garnier Fructis Haircare items~ 2/5 -$1 each (RP 11/9/08)=$7.50
(2)Schick razors~$6.99 -$3 wag Q and $2 (SS 10/5/08)=$3.98
Total Spent:$13.87
Total Saved:$32.45

Alberstons shopping

So here is what I picked up at Alberston's today.
(1)French's onions~ 2/$5...-.50 (SS 11/9/08)= $2
(2)Green Beans~ .67/each=$1.34
(2)Hunts Manwich~ 4/$5=$2.50
(5)Marie Callendar's frozen dinners~$2.00 each=$10
(2)Sara Lee pies~BOGO=$6.39
(2)Bryers Icecream~FREE with pie= FREE
(1)Soy Sauce~4/$5=$1.25
(4)Cream of Mushroom soup~.65/each -$0.25/4 (not sure where I got this one)=$2.35
(5)Hunts snack packs~10/10=$5

I used my $15 Catelinas from last week...
Total spent:$18.41
Total saved:$66.26
Saved: 78%
PLUS I got another $10 Catelina!

Customized clothing

At CustomizedGirl you can get 15% off of your order with coupon code SU68

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Albertsons deals for 11/12:

Thank you I am frugal for finding these deals!
Here is her site

Personalized Fruit rollup

Personalized Fruit-Rollups...great for a party favor or...
Price on line here for 29.99 for a box of 30 plus shipping. Use code SAVE10 to get $10 off your purchase.