Thursday, November 13, 2008

Alberstons shopping

So here is what I picked up at Alberston's today.
(1)French's onions~ 2/$5...-.50 (SS 11/9/08)= $2
(2)Green Beans~ .67/each=$1.34
(2)Hunts Manwich~ 4/$5=$2.50
(5)Marie Callendar's frozen dinners~$2.00 each=$10
(2)Sara Lee pies~BOGO=$6.39
(2)Bryers Icecream~FREE with pie= FREE
(1)Soy Sauce~4/$5=$1.25
(4)Cream of Mushroom soup~.65/each -$0.25/4 (not sure where I got this one)=$2.35
(5)Hunts snack packs~10/10=$5

I used my $15 Catelinas from last week...
Total spent:$18.41
Total saved:$66.26
Saved: 78%
PLUS I got another $10 Catelina!

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