Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Albertsons...oh my!

So Albies is super crazy this week! I can't even begin to do any matchups. They have great catelina deals going on though, spend $30 of participating and get $15 OYNO...there is also new years resolution deals, diaper deals and meat deals. Here are the main ones I took advantage of:

Spend $30 get $15 (there are lots of items available)
Use coupons and your doublers THERE IS A LIMIT OF 2 DOUBLERS PER TRANSACTION!!!
(this was not written anywhere, but the system wont let them do more than 2...maybe next time it will be worded differently)

I also did a 2nd transaction of 2 pullups and 1 pampers for a total of $32, but got back the $15 and a $5 for baby OYNO coupons!

So I ended up spending $71.xx, but I got $38 OYNO coupons!!!

I ended up with:
2 Yoplus'
2 Go-gurts
1 yogurt drink
3 boxes organic cereal
2 Fruit Rollups
2 Lysol wipes
Package of pork chops (buy 8 rice a roni and get $5 off meat)-FREE
8 things of rice a roni
6 red grapefruits
2 packages ludens cough drops
2 pullups
1 pampers
2 minute rices
4 babyfood jars
1 thing of marshamellows
10 Adkins bars

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