Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Albertson's Cat. deals

So I went to Albies tonight to see what all the fuss was about. I did 2 transactions of baby items. One went through great! The second, not so much...but it was for stuff I needed, so oh wells

#1~ 2 packages of diapers (used for going out) ~$10 each
1 package of pull-ups (DD1 is PLing!)~$10
= $32.64 after tax
But...I got $15 cat's for spending $30 of approved products and another $5 towards my next baby item purchase.

#2~ Similac formual $21.49-$1Q-$5 check
4 Beech nut toddler meals $1.39-$1Q
-$5/$25 Q from Rite Aid (Albies takes comp. Q's)
Total was $12.05

Because my total wasnt $25 AFTER coupons I didnt get the $5 baby cat?!?! I always thought it was before Q's!

So anyways I spent $44.69, but got $20 cat Q's back, so not too bad

Then I went to Fred Meyer and picked up 6 of the $1 complete salad bags!!! Now that made me happy :)

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