Thursday, January 8, 2009

When your not happy with a product...

When you are not happy with a product you bought, you should DEFINATELY call the company!

Recently I got a can of soup that the chicken was super fatty, I called Progresso and they sent me coupons to replace my product and some discount coupons.

A few weeks ago I called Ziploc because my vacuum bags lost their suction while in the freezer. I was given tips on how to avoid that, and they sent me coupons! I was afraid I would only get vacuum sealer coupons, I recently was given a foodsaver, so that would not have been cool. BUT...the coupons are also good for the zip and steam or produce bags!!! I was sent 3 of them to replace the products I had purchased (for dirt cheap with coupons!)

So if you are not happy, you probably got a fluke, and the company will generally try to make it better!

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