Saturday, August 8, 2009

All about Walgreens

Here are some tips/ FAQ's about Walgreens...

RR= Register Reward. These are coupons that print out at the register when you buy certain products. They are for use on your next purchase. DO NOT use them on the same item you just bought, or you will NOT get another RR. You can only get 1 RR per promo per transaction. IE~ Venus razors have a $5 RR, you can buy 1 and the the $5, but if you buy 2 you still only get $5, not $10. So if you really like a RR deal, do more than 1 transaction!

Walgreens accepts printable coupons

You can use a manufactures coupon AND a walgreens coupon on the same item. So if Walgreens has a Pert plus coupon for $1 off, and you have a manufactures coupon for $1 off, you can use both and get $2 off (one of the many things I LOVE about walgreens)

When you pay at the register, hand over manufactures coupons first, then give them their store coupons (this way if you end up getting money from a product the machine wont beep)

You can not get cash back. If you are buying a Money Maker item, you must get something else to "absorb the overage"

If you are using 10 coupons, you must have atleast 10 items! Using a RR as a coupon counts. So often I will find a clearance pencil for .10 or something like that to make my count right.

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