Friday, August 14, 2009

All about Rite Aid

One of the best things about shopping Rite Aid is their SCR program. You can either mail in your rebates or submitt them online. I have never mailed them in, as it is so easy to do it online. Simply GO HERE to create and account and see current offers.

You need to keep your reciepts to enter information online. I always keep my reciepts until after I have my check in hand. I also enter in every reciept I get, even if I dont think it is part of a rebate. You never know if some clearance item you bought counts towards something.

Often check back for a special coupon that Rite Aid puts out. Normally there is a $5/$25 coupons to print out. If the coupon doesnt state "use after all manufactures coupons" you can actually pay very little out of pocket. These coupons are GREAT when purchasing Free after rebate (SCR) items!

Rite Aid ads have their own coupons, but I have never been able to use an in ad plus a manufactures at Rite Aid.

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